Is there a required deposit when booking?
Yes there is a 20% non refundable deposit when securing your date and artists.

Can I change the service amount on the contract once I sign? 
Once you sign and we have reserved your date and artist(s) you will be responsible for paying for the amount on the contract.  We can add on services at any point if we have enough time to adjust timing and make sure we have the appropriate amount of artists needed.

Is there a minimum requirement?
Yes- we have a minimum of 5 services in order to travel to you.
Is there a travel fee? 
Locations less than 40 miles from 833 e Schaumburg rd, Schaumburg require no travel feels. After that 40 miles there will be a $1 per mile , per artist travel fee.
Parking :
The bride is required to pay for parking at the location for the artist(s).  This includes venue , hotel and street parking if needed for day of and trial.